Factory Tour

Jayna Steel India is renowned for its state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring precision and efficiency in stainless steel manufacturing. The company's advanced equipment portfolio includes:

Double Action Presses: These presses are designed for complex deep drawing operations, offering enhanced precision and control, essential for creating intricate stainless steel components.

Hydraulic Presses: Known for their superior force and flexibility, hydraulic presses at Jayna Steel India handle a variety of tasks, from forging to bending, ensuring robust and reliable steel products.

Power Presses: Utilizing mechanical power, these presses provide high-speed operations for cutting, punching, and shaping metal sheets, essential for mass production with consistent quality.

Pan Brazing Machine: This specialized equipment ensures strong and durable joints through brazing, an essential process in fabricating high-quality steel pans and other kitchenware.

Annealing Machine: Critical for reducing hardness and improving ductility, the annealing machine at Jayna Steel India ensures the steel undergoes proper heat treatment for enhanced workability.

In-House Tool Room: Equipped with advanced machinery, the in-house tool room supports custom tool design and maintenance, ensuring seamless production and minimal downtime.

Automatic and Manual Round, Oval, and Square Cutting Bidding Machines: These machines offer versatility in cutting various shapes, catering to diverse customer needs with precision and efficiency.

Grooving and Necking Machine: Essential for forming grooves and necks in steel components, these machines ensure accuracy and consistency in product dimensions.

Hole Punching and Riveting Machines: Designed for creating precise holes and secure riveting, these machines enhance the structural integrity and functionality of steel products.

Color Coating Plant: This facility provides high-quality color coatings, ensuring aesthetically pleasing and corrosion-resistant finishes on steel products.

PVD Titanium Coating Plant: Offering superior hardness and wear resistance, the PVD titanium coating plant at Jayna Steel India enhances the durability and lifespan of steel components.

Spinning Lathe Machines: These machines specialize in metal spinning processes, creating symmetrical, round components with high precision and smooth finishes.

Laser Marking and Welding Machines: Utilizing advanced laser technology, these machines provide precise marking and welding, ensuring high-quality joins and permanent markings.

Spot Welding Machines: Ideal for joining thin metal sheets, spot welding machines ensure strong welds with minimal heat distortion.

Buffing and Matt Polishing Machines: These machines deliver impeccable surface finishes, from high-gloss buffs to subtle matt textures, enhancing the visual appeal of steel products.

Lancer Grinding Machines: Designed for precision grinding, lancer machines ensure accurate dimensions and smooth surface finishes on steel components.

Blanking and Circle Cutting Press: This equipment specializes in cutting precise circles and blank shapes from metal sheets, crucial for creating consistent and high-quality components.

Shearing Press: Efficient in cutting large metal sheets into smaller pieces, the shearing press ensures clean and accurate cuts with minimal material wastage. Jayna Steel India's investment in these advanced machines underscores its commitment to quality, precision, and innovation in the stainless steel manufacturing industry.